The Law of Affinition (Kód: )


The Law of Attraction has reached millions of people, and apart from a few actors and writers, I have never heard of a man who said that he could really successfully attract anything into his life, even though he has this secret. I found that the reason the book became so successful was because, whether it worked or not, it gave people hope that their lives could change if they followed the instructions described. Drawing conclusions, the book Secret should have been titled The Creation of Hope instead.

I know that the title became what it is because it could be sold to large crowds and brought a lot of money to contributors and customers. There are many thoughts in him that hold up, and that is why he could have been so successful. The devil is always in the details. These details are what makes it work or doesn't work for anyone what the book promises. This book is about what the bestselling book The Secret should be about. What is the real secret and how it can work for anyone.

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