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0.       FOREWORD         6

More and more people are looking for answers to life's big questions. Who this way, who that way. Some are desperate, and some are easily. However, this is not really important, because we are all different. The type of person who wants to spiritually "solve" the problems that arise and already has the connections can begin to smile. He knows that things happen for a reason, that he is not where he is by chance, that he is not by chance with the people he is with, and even if he does not know all the answers, he becomes richer and more balanced with each recognition. This is the force that always pushes man through his own limitations and makes himself more complete day by day. 6

 Dear Friend! 7

        What does this book want?  8

I.        EGO         10

I see that all suffering, all spiritual anguish, has the same original cause: the unbridled EGO. This damn little jerk who always invents something to make our lives miserable as soon as we're not on guard enough. 10

         What is EGO?  11

 Why there is EGO?  17

        What can someone do about controlling his EGO?  25

 Ego and workplace  32

 EGO and money  34

 EGO and succes  36

 EGO and art  37

 EGO and health  38

 EGO and GOD   39

 EGO and pure LOVE  40

 EGO and family  42


We are born, we grow up, we grow old and we die. This is the development cycle of our body. The same can be observed with everything that is part of the physical universe. Even with our thoughts, our emotions. Although we ourselves are static, that is, we cannot determine our extent, our place as spiritual beings, our beliefs, our characteristics placed on us, and our EGO are constantly changing. What changes we are going through, what stages of development we are going through, and where we are now, can be easily determined by the following. 44

III.     RELATIONSHIP         46

About the conflict of interest between the WOMAN and the MALE EGO, their game against each other, the bitters and pleasures of love, the difficulties of relationships and I could list the labels, how much you have written books, poems, music, songs, how many films we have seen on the subject. But to this day, the problem has remained in the field of mysticism. Yet how many wise and sound solutions have been found to find a way out of the maze of relationships for poor mortals on earth. 46

 EGO and love  47

 Christmas tree effect  49

IV.          DETERMINATION   52

Stepping out of the shadow of my EGO, I am illuminated by the light of infinite goodness, beauty and creativity. It's not an easy task, but I'm grateful that I've decided not to give up and take back control of my life, even if I have to do without a comfortable bed, a big house or a luxury yacht for a while. 52

 Changes  53

V.      ENLIGHTENMENT         55

Enlightenment is the realization of how you are. The question "who am I?" can be answered with an almost infinite number of answers. Each answer, however, ends in one ultimate truth. Finding this ultimate truth will end your life so far and you can start living a true, conscious life. What is the ultimate truth? That you are EVERYTHING AND NOTHING. In the moment of enlightenment, you realize that you are all the answers that have come to mind to the question, and at the same time you are neither. You are the option of any answer. You can be anything. And at the same time, you don't have to be anything. You decide who you are at every moment, what personality traits you have, and what kind of person you live as. 55

 To live in an enlightened life  56

VI.          DISCOVERING OURSELVES         58

You have certainly heard the good advice to be yourself and not to worry about other people's value judgments. I'm sure they've told you to be true to yourself. I see that people of mortal faith have no idea what this means exactly. 58

 The first step: the need for self-knowledge  59

 Step two: find a way  60

VII.         MEDITATIONS         64

Consciously, no one wants to harm themselves or anyone else, no one wants to kill, rule, or fear. Consciously, we all want to live in peace, calm, happy, rich. The following meditations help us to find unconscious moments in our lives, to make our unconscious decisions and thoughts conscious, so that we can transform our fears into loved ones, our desires into goals, our unconscious moments into conscious moments. 64

 Listing technique  65

 Meditations for being in PRESENT  67


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